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Here & Now

Art Direction, Graphic Design
with Storybox & Joe Dixon
for Highwater Eatery

      A meditation on flavour, food and dining. Here & Now was an experiential artwork which interpreted an evenings set menu through projected visuals. Created with Storybox and built by Joe Dixon for Highwater Eatery during Wellington on a Plate 2020.


      We created a generative artwork that visually interpreted the evening's set menu. The artwork was broken into three distinct phases, based on the kitchen's process of preparation, cooking and plating.
      The work was projected on a twelve meter long wall above the restaurant's kitchen, and ran for three hours.

      Ingredients were represented by different colours, with five unique palettes visualising the flavour of each plate.            
      The printed menu was the diner’s initiation into the evenings fare, and acted as a key to the projection art. Each element was marked by a coloured dot.

      Each phase of the projection relates to a different stage in the preparation of the meal - from the gathering of ingredients, to the cooking process and, finally, the plating - mirroring the progression of individual ingredients combined to form a delicious dish.