Fly Nights, Passage EP
Album art featuring imagery created by experimenting with video feedback loops. The video was generated from a custom built iPhone App made in collaboration with developer Martin Deville, and recorded in Quicktime.

House Inventory
Publication Design

The first issue in an ongoing zine series, documenting the photographs tenants receive from their landlords outlining the state and contents of their property. The layout uses extremely tight margins to create a sense of claustrophobia.

Cover Art, Art Direction
Album art for the digital release of Margin’s second compilation. The still life is traditionally intended to demonstrate the richness of life, wealth and abundance. These inverted photographs silhouette the fruit and allow the plastic bags to take centre stage.

2016 — 2018
In 2016 two friends and I co-founded Margins, a record label for New Zealand house and techno.

Like the club oriented releases, the mark and supporting imagery is designed to be inherently non-commercial.