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Ahi Kā

Art Direction
with Storybox & David Hakaraia
for Wellington City Council

      This large scale projection reveals the parallel observance of the Maōri new year by Ngāti Toa and Te Āti Awa, the two mana whenua (tribal authorities) of Pōneke, Wellington. 
      Concieved by David Hakaraia, the piece is inspired by indigenous histories and tribal narratives. The story is bought to life with graphic patterns designed by Hakaraia and illustrations by Rawiri Barribal. Narration by Toa Waka guides the viewer through the work.
      Enjoyed over four days on the Wellington waterfront, it marked the inaugural celebration of Matariki. The Māori new year is the first nationally celebrated public holiday of indigenous origin in Aotearoa New Zealand.